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Get DOWN with DJ JOE


DJ Joe is standing behind his sound mixer, holding a microphone in one hand and adjusting the mixer in the other. He is wearing his silver sequins blazer with a Best Buddies t-shirt. He is facing the camera, but was caught while turning around. People are dancing in the background, and appear blurred in the photo.


DJ Joe will build excitement and keep the party going!

Private Parties


Corporate Events

Charity Events


& more!

Taking the Dance Floor & Shining Bright
at Tim Tebow's Night to Shine 2024  @Fox61 News CT

“When you hire DJ Joe—it’s more than just good music— you are sharing a message of inclusion, compassion, empathy, and understanding for people of all abilities. You not only fill the room with joyful harmonies, you fill it with a positive energy that is contagious. DJ Joe is the secret ingredient that gives your event a recipe for success”

Peter Saverine - Director of Philantropy, Star Inc. Lighting the Way

“Grace Community Church absolutely loves hosting Night to Shine. The person who gets and keeps the party going is none other than DJ Joe. He picks just the right songs, and keeps everyone moving and grooving all night long. You can tell everyone is having a good time because they are out on the dance floor the entire time. Having a premier DJ is crucial to a great party, and we wouldn’t do this event without him!”

Julia Hughes - Executive Director, Grace Community Church

“I always heard a lot about DJ Joe through SAWAH’s students and coaches, but seeing him perform in person exceeded all my expectations. We were dancing and singing and DJ Joe knocked it out of the park!! We could not be more thrilled that DJ Joe performed at SAWAH’s launch event with Mike Tyson and look forward to hiring him again many times for future SAWAH events!
You rock, DJ Joe!”

Coach Daniel - SAWAH




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